Chef Services

Inspire your employees to cook and eat healthy. Cooking can foster a better understanding of the foods that fuel our bodies and transform the way we look at our nutrition.

Cooking Demonstrations with Food Samples – Your team has the opportunity to interact with a professional chef who will teach them how to create delicious, healthy and easy to make recipes. They will also get the opportunity to sample healthy foods they may not have considered trying. On-Site Kitchen is not necessary. 20-50 people (hourly fee + cost of food)


  • An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away
  • Healthy, High Energy Snacks
  • Power Breakfast – How to make a quick, energy filled breakfast
  • Super Soups
  • Not The Same Old Salad
  • Heart Healthy Cooking
  • Make it Fast, Make it Easy, Make it Healthier
  • Strategies for Stress Free Meal Planning

Healthy Cooking Classes – Reward your staff members for a job well done. During this interactive hands-on cooking class they will make a healthy recipe and improve kitchen skills, while building relationships and create camaraderie. On-Site Kitchen is not necessary. 8-10 people (hourly fee + cost of food)